Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sam & Max & Suchlike

[Computer Gaming]

Now that I've seen a review (thanks, Gamespot) I'm quite happy to say that I would like to play Telltale's new Sam & Max game. I am prepared to pay reasonable sums of money to make this dream come true. However, I would rather gargle rusty nails that sign up to GameTap.

Is anyone aware of any options available to me?


JF said...

Hey Greg,

Not related to acquiring Sam & Max, but has anyone pointed you at this site before? I got linked to it the other day and thought it was something up your alley. :)

Sim said...

You can't sign up to GameTap, as you aren't a resident of the US or Canada.
I'd suggest you do what I'm doing.
Wait until the worldwide release date (Nov 1st) and go to EB and buy from there...

GregT said...

Good Sir Juffles - No, I hadn't spotted that site, but I'll check it out.

Sim - It's coming out on a CD like a regular normal game, and I can obtain it from stores? Huzzah. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

You'll also be able to download it from Telltale Games on November 1st, if you can't wait to get something as physical as a CD.

As for GameTap... it isn't as bas as you might think. But the global limitations are annoying.

GregT said...

Duncan - thanks. I had good experiences downloading Telltale's first Bone game (though not so good experiences actually playing it) so that might be an option.

I've had people tell me GameTap isn't so bad. But I've also had people tell me Steam isn't so bad, and to those people I laughed in their faces and then beat them to death with the computer that doesn't work anymore thanks to Valve and its hellware. So I'm skeptical.