Friday, February 06, 2009

Equivocation / Meaningful Choice

I'm unclear whether this guy is tossing a coin or merely giving the concept of currency a hearty thumbs-up.Hey, if you're not reading my D&D 4th Edition blog, Eleven Foot Pole, it's probably because you're one of the many people with absolutely no interest in D&D 4th Edition.

But I put up a pair of posts yesterday that you might be interested in if you're enthused by game design generally. I rate them as "worth checking out". On a scale of one to five they score a resounding "Probably!".

In Equivocation I talk about offering players an illusory choice while still running them headlong down the story you have laid out for them. Sometimes treating your players like stooges results in good times had by all.

In Meaningful Choices I shoot down exactly that sort of fake decision, and go on to suggest that there's really only three reasons to give the players a choice at all, being the test of skill, the self-expression, and the player feedback.

Go feast your eyeballs; I'll wait.

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