Friday, February 13, 2009

Fine, Star Trek Online Looks A Little Bit Awesome

Okay. Everyone being the captain of their own ship - that's bollocks. Playing a small part of something big is what brings out the very best in MMOs, in my book. I was really looking forward to working in engingeering and saying "She just canna take it" a lot.

But - play any race in Star Trek canon or create your own? Brilliance. It embraces the idea of the Star Trek universe as this vast and infinitely diverse place, it pokes subtle but loving fun at a franchise where a million alien races are differentiated only by skin colour, forehead design and nose architecture, and in the unlikely event that two players make characters who look identical it's not immersion-breaking - it's cultural solidarity.

STO is coming from the guys behind City of Heroes so it's probably no surprise that a robust character creator is front and centre, but still, bravo.


Phrancq said...

What worries me is the factions. All two of them. The Federation will obviously have all the customizable alien races, but what about the Klingon Empire? Will they have their own aliens working with them or will you only get one choice playing them?

Greg Tannahill said...

Of course you'll get to make whatever to work with the Klingons. And they'll find the story to justify it.