Sunday, February 08, 2009

Goonswarm Take Down BoB

This is my Titan.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.Goonswarm took down Band of Brothers on 4 February, bringing an end to the most epic battle in MMO history.

I don't play EVE Online, but man, I love hearing its news. Originating on the Something Awful forums, the Goonswarm guys are notable for their superficially irreverant approach to the game and their propaganda videos. For years they have been at war with Band of Brothers (BoB), who have a reputation as the corporation that the game developers are members of.

On the 4th, Goonswarm subverted a BoB director, used them to dismantle BoB by kicking out the members, stripped the assets, and scrambled the political directives. The alliance is dead and Goonswarm is holding on to the name to stop it reforming. Some estimates value the lost assets at upwards of $5,000 US, possibly significantly more.

Destructoid has a more complete report. Congratulations to the Goons, you've made gaming history.


Anonymous said...

The major problem with EVE is that it sounds like fun, until you actually get to the game.

You really do need to be a special kind of person to click with it.

It is, however, and awesome MMO. What other game allows you to walk away from you computer for five minutes during a battle, and you can still reasonably expect yourself to be alive when you come back?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, will you ever come back to Travian? Your alliance has been pecking over your account like vultures since you went missing. Weird place to ask, but where else can people contact you.

PS: my friend has lost 3 battleships on EVE from falling asleep or afking so that isn't necessarily true.

Greg Tannahill said...

I think the answer is no, probably not coming back to Travian.

"LAROCHE: Look, I'll tell you a story, all right? I once fell deeply, you know, profoundly in love with tropical fish. Had 60 goddamn fish tanks in my house. I skin dived to find just the right ones. Anisotremus virginicus, Holdacanthus ciliaris, Chaetodon capistratus. You name it. Then one day I say, 'fuck fish'. I renounce fish. I vow never to set foot in that ocean again. That's how much 'fuck fish'. And there hasn't been a time where I have stuck so much as a toe back in that ocean.
ORLEAN: But why?
LAROCHE: Done with fish."
- Adaptation (2002)

Arkem said...

I love this kind of stuff. I guess I'm going to have to write another paper (or maybe just update the previous paper and actually publish it).

Though the times I've actually played EVE I've found it only middling interesting. Pitty really.