Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Microsoft vs Linux: It's On!

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A little while back, Sony announced that the PS3 will have Linux as its native OS. This means that in about four years' time a great many millions of homes worldwide will have an exceptionally powerful internet capable Linux-operating media centre-slash-content server in their home.

Almost immediately thereafter, Microsoft openly speculates on potential legal action against Linux for intellectual property infringement. Coincidence? I think not. Finally, the event has occurred which forces Microsoft to notice its younger penguin-themed cousin.

Not that I've ever realled cared about Linux, installed it on anything I own, or really know anything about it. But still, yay!

See the article here.

(In the interests of not fuelling rampant rumour mongering, I should say that interviewee Ballmer only goes so far as to say "I think there are experts who claim that Linux violates our intellectual property" and that "we owe it to our shareholders to have a strategy". That's not exactly the same as filing a lawsuit, and is in fact a long way from it.)

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