Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Post Zero

Hi there. If you're here, chances are you know me.

I live in Canberra, Australia. My name's Greg.

I've also gone by the handle Firefly. I used to write an e-newsletter called the Flypaper.

On World of Warcraft I'm known as Ukulkos.

Here's what I need from you. I need subjects to write about, I need commentary, I need big lists of links, and I need feedback on how to turn this blogspot into something remotely interesting (plus a whole heap on operating its interface to make it... not suck).



Anonymous said...

[insert your name o' choice], I am bored at worked, and tracked you down through the secret portal you tried to hide on the Realm Forum on the WoW site. (In this case, blatant promotion and tried to hide mean the same thing). In terms of content, I would like to see some continued ramblings on what you do in WoW, or puppies... Please just refrain from anything I would hear in Barrens chat (I feel really lame right now, as I am requesting WoW content on a blog... shoot me)

GregT said...

I declare this blog to no longer suck. What I need -now- is more feedback about how to improve the HTML in the sidebar to make the "recent comments" in a more logical sort of order, and maybe even display what post they belong to. Also, I need more readers. About, oh, a thousand-odd should do. Can anyone help?