Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Word To My Homies

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Time to spread da love, monkey-style. Or... uh... blatantly expose the sad fact that I can't talk like a gangsta.

Everyone will join me in commiserating Wuffie on a string of horrible burglary-related misfortune. Clearly the curse of Amon-Ra continues to strike from the unearthly nether-realm; this will not end for her until she returns the stolen sceptre to its ancestral tomb. Or possibly people suck and it's time to organise a sack-full-of-doorknobs-swinging-posse. Actually, I'd be happy to organise any sort of posse at all, and just hang out - how does Saturday sound?

The young miss who intermittently authors Go Camel is lying abed like some sort of drunken roustabout after having things surgically extracted from the vicinity of her gall bladder. Luckily her mutant healing factor appears to have kicked in and she'll be up and about in a few days, ready to fight Magneto.

Angelfacebabigurl, who has the distinct honour of having the longest internet handle of everyone featured on my blog, gets older this Friday, and by "gets older" what I really mean is "continues being ridiculously young". People who know her should beat her about the head with a stick until she reveals the secret location of her celebration festivities.

Speaking of birthdays, the man who has been known to type occasionally at Internal Collapse, often under the influence of alcohol, became suddenly ancient last Monday, and is now officially old enough to be taken out the back of the house and put to sleep with a quick dose of the old two barrels. It'll be a mercy, really.

I received an email from a certain "Geoff" of my acquaintance who advises everyone that he is alive and well in Bangkok, and has not yet been kidnapped and sold to some sort of fetish brothel. I have to say it - this is a man who refuses to stop defying expectations. Will his awesomeness never stop?

Sorry to everyone who reads this through the LJ feed for the wierd double-spacing. This appears to be an artefact of the way the feed converts line breaks in my posts. I can fix it, but then my main page no longer has separate paragraphs, so you may just have to make do. As a quick-fix if they bother you, you're welcome to just come and read the main site.

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