Monday, March 27, 2006

Why Square-Enix Staff Own Houses Made of Gold

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Sweet zombie Jesus. Final Fantasy XII, recently released in Japan, has sold 1.764 million copies in four days. That's around 5.1 copies every second, and a million copies more than its closest competitor over the same period, Animal Crossing: Wild World. (That's 142% more copies.) Excuse the use of bold text, I accidentally clicked it while choking to death in a fit of combined outrage and desire for an English language localisation to instantly appear in my hands.

To put it yet another way, Final Fantasy XII has sold significantly more units in four days in one country than the Xbox 360 console has sold units in more than a month worldwide.

Square-Enix staff were unavailable for comment as they were busy rolling around in gigantic swimming pools full of yen.

See Gamespot's coverage here.

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Julia B said...

*silence while my jaw hangs open*........ Yay yay yay!! That's so fantastic! I just read a review and I'm so terribly excited. About as much so as I am for Kingdom Hearts 2.

(and no... that's not sarcasm)