Friday, March 24, 2006

Infinitely Dodgy


I spotted this review of Batman Annual #25 over at The Angriest last night. (WARNING: Contains spoilers!)

This one hasn't arrived in my local comic shop yet (either that or it sold out) so I haven't had a chance to check it out for myself. But the review pretty much confirms my worst fears. DC's latest huge cross-over event, Infinite Crisis has been used to:
a) Launch several new titles of dubious merit (Ion, Blue Beetle, Shadowpact)
b) Revamp some ailing older titles with a new focus (Aquaman, Legion of Super Heroes)
c) Bring some well deserved attention to some excellent but underexposed titles (Outsiders, Teen Titans), and, relevantly,
d) Ruin what is arguably DC's most continually excellent flagship title, Batman.

Infinite Crisis should NEVER have been allowed to mess with Batman continuity. Bah. Shame on you, DC.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend the runs of both Outsiders and Teen Titans from the Graduation Day event through to the present (about two years worth of issues). These are some of the best superhero comics I've read this year (and I've read a lot this year). Your local comic shop can help you identify the relevant trade paperbacks - do yourself a favour and pick a couple up!

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