Friday, April 28, 2006

5 Reasons To Praise Nintendo

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Contradicting Greg is the Australian national sport; I'd be un-Australian if I didn't join in. So - five reasons to praise Nintendo.

1) Getting the words "Nintendo" and "Revolution" at the top of every gaming site in the lead-up to E3 without revealing any new games, system information, or technical specifications is damn impressive.

2) Their contemptuous disregard for corporate image, focus testing and marketability is a breath of fresh air in this recycle-what-works industry.

3) The Wii website has a little dancing lowercase letter "i". No, wait - not just one, but four! Look at them - they're so cute!

4) There can be no finer demonstration of how the branding of a product is just as important as anything the product can actually do. Marketing professors worldwide should be damn grateful.

5) They didn't call it the "Nintendo Puu".

I still have a sliver of hope that it's viral marketing or a tasteless prank (based mainly on the website name still containing the word "Revolution"), but it's waning by the hour. I think I'll go and stab myself to death with my tilt-sensitive controller.

(The image at the top of the post was copied wholesale from Kotaku; whether they made it themselves is anyone's guess. If someone feels I'm infringing on their infringement of Nintendo's IP give me a yell and I'll use it as an excuse to laugh at the name "Wii" some more.)

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