Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven #1

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Were you shocked by the apparently gratuitous devastation of Bludhaven during Infinite Crisis? Were you hpping to find out the fate of characters you'd come to know and love from Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl? Were you eagerly looking forward to the awkwardly titled Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle For Bludhaven miniseries?

Well, don't bother. It's utter garbage. Beginning to end. Nightwing doesn't appear in the series, period. Robin has so far made a brief appearance on the first page of issue #1 with no clear sign he's likely to return in future issues. The story is littered with characters you have no reason to care about, with insulting ridiculous super-hero identities. An example is the resurrection of the supergroup "The Force of July", featuring Major Victory, Lady Liberty, and the Silent Majority (pictured on cover, above). No sign of anyone you'd be the least bit interested in learning more about.

This is another pathetic example of DC attempting to advance its world plot and cash in on a marketing event without giving the slightest attention to actually telling an engaging story. Bah. I wish I'd left it on the shelf. Go pick up the "One Year Later" issues of Teen Titans, Batman, Birds of Prey or Nightwing, and you might actually get some entertainment out of your cash.

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