Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cyberthings I Wish To Cyberattend

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As if I needed more reasons to be in Perth in December, I've just discovered that Murdoch Uni will be playing host to the 2006 Joint International Conference on Cybergames and Interactive Entertainment.

And if that isn't a name that smacks of "made up by a government department" then I don't know what is. Come on, "Cybergames"? Phone message: William Gibson called; he wants the 1980s back.

It's completely unclear at this stage (to me) whether it's industry invitational, meaning that I'd need to put on an outrageous Norwegian accent to get a press pass, or whether I can saunter in as an "academic". It's also unclear whether it's a serious conference with serious people, or just an excuse for Western Australia to trot out whatever homebrew companies it has growing in the bottom of its fridge. I'll send them an email and ask.

Further details to follow; or, alternatively, a lack of interest and complete apathy to follow - stay tuned to discover which!

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