Friday, April 28, 2006

And That Was The Last Time I Ever Praised Nintendo

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You may have heard by now the various news reports (1, 2): Nintendo has revealed that the name "Revolution" for their new console was merely a design handle, and the product will in fact be shipped under the name "Wii" (pronounced "We"). In one smooth move this console has gone from being something I was looking forward to a lot, to being something I'd be embarrassed to ask about in a store.

I can't help but feel that this in ironic in the light of my post yesterday; I'd be only too happy to find out that this is all a tasteless belated April Fool's joke and have them tell us it'll still be called the Revolution. Gah.

(For further evidence that Nintendo kicks puppies, check out the official Wii website.)

UPDATE: Hope springs eternal? (1, 2) Or is it denial? I don't know, "Nintendo plays crazy head-games with fans" falls pretty much into the same puppy-kicking category as "Nintendo names new console after urine".


Julia B said...

These puppies being kicked, are they the same ones mocking Matt in the street? And if so, maybe the puppies deserve whatever Nintendo gives 'em!

Julia B said...

Ok, I just read that and it has to be a joke. They're obviously Wii-ners.

(Let the pun fest begin!)

GregT said...

Nintendo doesn't have a long history of jokes like this. And it did change the name of its last console from the Dolphin to the Gamecube at the last minute. This is just the sort of crippling brain spasm that might be for real.

Julia B said...

See, I think that was a mistake. I'm more likely to play with a Dolphin than a GameCube.

But then, I don't think it was really aimed at me.

GregT said...

The decision may have been based on the relative paucity of sex toys bearing the name "Game Cube" as compared to Version 1 of that product. But that may be too common a reason for Nintendo; it was probably more about an emphasis on play and fun and family interaction or some such.