Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Champloo, Expanded Blogroll, And Old Friends

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1) Finished watching Samurai Champloo. Absolutely fantastic visually, and it so very almost dodges the curse of the unsatisfying anime ending. Top notch entertainment. The full set of seven discs is now available for loan if Matt or AJ or someone wants to lay claim.

2) You'll note some new entries in my sidebar in terms of blogs. I'm expanding out my game blogs; though be assured that I'm reading and commenting on a lot more than I actually have featured. Also say hello to Cap'n Oblivious who gets added in a furious burst of nepotism after he referenced my post Fear the Message, Not the Medium on his LJ.

3) Hello out there if the delightful Sim Lauren is reading, or if Greg Cook of the far-away Land of Perth has found this site. Lauren (who maintains the Flypaper Archives) is pushing for another attempted resurrection of the Flypaper. If you'd like to see my old e-zine dug from its grave and made to dance, then you're going to need to pledge some content; get in touch with Lauren ASAP 'cos she's collecting it for a potential first issue. If she gets enough I'll work my magic at it and see that it gets distributed in some fashion.


ozisim said...

I'm reading!

Anyone want to throw me some content?
1. Write 50+ words about something you are interested in.
2. email it to
3. experience the rush of seeing your name in The Flypaper!

Phrancq said...

I, Matt will claim the chance to borrow Champloo!

GregT said...

SOLD! To the gentleman in the bubble-breathing dragon costume. BTW, I was unclear, were we supposed to be gaming at YOUR house on Saturday or at Julia's place?