Monday, April 17, 2006

On Completing Morrowind

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(Minor spoilers for the end of Morrowind follow; but it's an old game, and you probably could have predicted a lot of this anyway.)

Well, I've just finished the main quest in Morrowind (finally) and I have to confess to a certain sense of "Is that it?" After the epic buildup to the final battle, the end just all seemed to go by a little quickly.

Emerging from Red Mountain and seeing the storms gone and the Ghostfence deactivated was kind of cool, but then having every man and his dog assure me that the world is still full of evil and I'll have lots to keep me entertained was... annoying. Don't tell me that everything's still a mess, guys! Let me bask in having saved civilisation for at least a couple of days! I don't want to be reminded that killing the big scary Dark Lord hasn't solved poverty and racial hatred when I've just worked my butt off to save you all from imminent apocalypse.

Sheesh ... I was intending to dive into the two expansions next, but it all feels a little anticlimactic ... I think I need to go play some Japanese RPG that treats me like a god every time I help out the slightest whiny orphan ...

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