Thursday, April 06, 2006

Not Playing Oblivion

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Nope. Nu-uh. Not playing Oblivion. It's too darn popular for its own good. Someone has to take a stand and NOT play this gaming powerhouse. A line must be drawn, and in my case that line has been drawn at buying Oblivion, looking at the box very closely, checking out the free collector's edition extras, feeling the wonderful texture on the DVD, speculating on the meaning of the screenshots, and then putting it on a shelf and replaying Morrowind.

What I am is a hero for our age. Some sort of inspirational book may be forthcoming.


Julia B said...

Patrick Stewart is one of the voice actors! Why did no-one tell me this? I must buy this game.
...and a computer that can handle it. Damn. Ok, well, all I'm saying is I'd better win lotto on Saturday.

Paul D said...

You truly are a beacon of light in the dark ravaged wastelands of Oblivion-fanboiism. :)

GregT said...

Oh yeah, that reminds me, if I'm not able to kill Picard I'm asking for my money back. That was the main problem with X-Men Legends I and II - not enough killing of bald men. Hopefully Oblivion will remedy this.

Julia B said...

You can't kill Picard. Like Sisco, his shiny bald head reflects laser beams at you if you try.

GregT said...

It may reflect laser beams, but I'm pretty sure it's not immune to a good crowbar-related beating. (Does Oblivion even contain crowbars? It'd better, that's all I'm saying... Picard-beating crowbars. Gonna get me a +1 Crowbar of Picard-Beating, just you wait.)