Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dear Stalker

Can the following individual please step forward:

* The person from Melbourne on an iinet account who reached my blog by googling my RL name? I'm probably the person you're looking for, I just don't know who you are.

Also, if you're that person from Illinois on Illinois Century Network who keeps googling "The Dust Forms Words", feel free to add me to your blogroll or favourites list to facilitate your visits in future!

While I'm here, a hearty thanks to whoever tagged The Citizen Kane of Games on Blinkbits, and to whoever put some of my Wii posts up on (which I suspect was Brinstar, judging from the links I'm seeing).


Anonymous said...

I added at least one to so that when I get a Wii, I could go back to it and get your friend code. :-)

GregT said...

Lol, or you could just post a comment on the day and ask me to repost it. 8-)

GregT said...

Aargh! Bad brain! Must not use "lol" when I have the time and concentration to type out real words! *facepalm*