Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Name Explained


See, when I named this blog The Dust Forms Words, what I thought I was referring to was the way that meaning can arise from apparently random interactions in complex systems, which seemed to go well with a gaming blog. But I've just been digging through some very old writing journal files in the depths of my hard drive, and it turns out that I was instead remembering the phrase from the following scrap of poetry that I wrote some many years ago:

Coming late to mortality
I found I had no friends there.
These desperate happy people
burn their bonfires, and I
like a ragged moth,
stalk their edges.

I have half a lifetime

The dust forms words;
our fingertips trace their secret names
and all of them are Sorrow.
Which I suppose just goes to show how one can't trust one's memory.


Chris said...

Of course the trick in interpreting the meaning of apparently random complex systems is being able to seperate the signal from the noise - or at least to have fun doing so. ;)

Best wishes!

Red Bull said...

I seem to remember this line from a Zork game or some such. I thought for sure this was where you got the title from. But Google is failing to turn up anything for me.

GregT said...

Nope, pretty sure I never saw it in Zork. Maybe it was in an early beta release and then got eaten by a grue.

(Dagnabbit, I'm running out of grue-related jokes. I may have to stop referencing Zork.)