Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wii SD Card Issues

So here's another small issue with the Wii that I wasn't expecting. I finally got an SD card for the system today and promptly backed everything up out of system memory and onto the card. Then I discover - you can't save directly to the SD card from within games, nor can games read save files on the SD card. Likewise, while you can copy downloaded Virtual Console games to and from the card, you can't play them from the card. The SD card is apparently for backup and transport only - anything you want to use has to be "installed" on system memory first.

It's a bit disappointing, but system memory is comparitively huge compared to memory cards of the past, so it's not too big a problem.


Anonymous said...

Iheard there was a special download that could allow you to save directly to the SD card. DO u happen to know by any chance how to get this download

Greg Tannahill said...

It's not the fault of the Wii - it's apparently the game developers, as a couple of games do let you save to the SD card.

A "download" that let you do this would therefore have to trick the Wii into confusing the SD card and the hard drive. It's obviously not something official and I strongly recommend not screwing with your Wii in this way.