Friday, December 08, 2006

Upcoming Game Releases - Australia

More to remind myself than anything else, here's forthcoming game releases over the next few months in Australia that look interesting.

Dec 12 - Myst (PSP)
The frustrating, shallow, and visually attractive point-n-click puzzler finds a natural home on Sony's frustrating, shallow and visually attractive handheld.

Jan 12 - Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (X360)
The Halo-esque first person shooter I got to try out at TGS. I don't own a 360 but this game's come closer to persuading me than anything yet.

Jan 17 - World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (PC)
Blizzard's MMOG expansion is probably going to sell considerably better than most full fledged games.

Feb 8 - Rule of Rose (PS2)
Despite all the mediocre reviews it's gotten, I still want to play this disturbing survival horror populated by evil 1930s teen and pre-teen girls. Can't believe that the OFLC let this one slip past, but I guess their loss is Australia's gain.

Feb 8 - Contact (DS)
It's what all the cool kids in the blogging circle seem to be playing, so I'm dying to try it to maintain my guru-like position at the top of the interweb's totem pole.

Feb 22 - EA Replay (PSP)
EA Replay is an anthology collection, but what an anthology collection! Ultima VII, Syndicate, all the Road Rash games, both Jungle and Desert Strike, Virtual Pinball, Mutant League Football, Budokan and the original Wing Commander. I'm almost willing to forgive EA their many sins just because of this collection. Almost.

To the best of my knowledge there's still no Australian release date for Final Fantasy XII (PS2), Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (PSP), Elite Beat Agents (DS) or Elebits (Wii). Anyone care to tell me differently?


Sim said...

So like, shallow is not a word I associate with the Myst universe...
Yes, as a casual gamer you can wade into the adventure, and skim around on the surface, but if you take the time to get into it, there is the whole ice-berg thing happening.

GregT said...

The Myst universe is not shallow. The first Myst game is hideously shallow, and I'm talking about from a gameplay perspective. There's only one level of interaction going on. The worlds in the first game don't have any particular coherent history. The video segments are badly acted. There's no particular sense of progress of character or plot as you continue - indeed, everything relevant that's going to happen to the worlds has already happened in the past and you're merely piecing together the story, at least until you come to the final decision at the end.

I accept you love Myst to death, much as I do for The 7th Guest, but they're both in an objectivve sense bad games, and I suspect neither of us would have gotten into them were they not pushing certain technical and artistic barriers at the time they were released.

Sim said...

*screws up face*
OK... I do get what you are saying. And I kinda agree...
You are looking at the game as a poor-man's click-through adventure, rather than a breakout from text-adventures. It got people thinking in a new direction... and without it's clunkyness, Return to Zork wouldn't have been as good.

Yes, it's a game that doesn't need a high immersion factor, but I don't think that makes it shallow...
It was an introduction into a new genre... it had to be gentle to the poor text adventurers. (I can't say how many times I was walking down a dim path, just waiting for the grue.)

I guess what I'm saying is that I feel that it is simple, not shallow. There is quite alot of stuff to uncover if you take the time to look.

GregT said...

Agreement to disagree registered.

Phrancq said...

According to Gamespot, MGS:Portable Ops shopuld be here in March, which is a damn sight better than the September I heard previously.

GregT said...

Huzzah Gamespot. Although they haven't always been 100% spot on with their non-US release dates in the past.