Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tomorrow is Wii Launch Day Australia

As the post says, tomorrow is when the Wii hits store shelves in Australia. I called EB Games on Monday, who first told me that as they are the Nintendo-preferred supplier in Australia (whatever that means) there is absolutely no chance they will not be able to meet all their current pre-orders. Then they told me that, despite their earlier promises, they wouldn't be upgrading my pre-order to match the Toys 'R' Us deal, and that it was also now too late for me to take my business to Toys. I think there was demented gloating laughter involved. Screw you, EB.

In any case, does anyone feel like coming into Civic tomorrow morning from about 7 am to help me camp the console spawn? I probably don't need to actually line up, but dagnabbit I missed the 360 launch and I'm sure as heck not lining up for a PS3, so this is my one chance to fanboi over this generation of consoles. I'll bring snackages!

Console Lines

Did I mention how xkcd is awesome and I have all the shirts?

UPDATE: On the plus side, we're totally not in Japan, and there are unlikely to be 1,500 people in the line.

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Jey said...

Enjoy your wii!

I'm very interested in this non-gamer night you proposed, but not sure if I'll be free, on a weekend night, before leaving.

Should be able to plan another day to come hang out with you though.