Friday, November 28, 2008

Barbarella Remake

Very briefly continuing the theme of upcoming genre chicksploitation films, I thought I'd mention the Barbarella remake, which I was having some conversations about the other day.

Robert Rodriguez is still attached to direct (really direct, not produce) and he's passed over Erica Durance and Sienna Miller for the lead role in favour of, once again, his fiancee Rose McGowan.

McGowan's a better Barbarella than she is a Red Sonja but apparently his insistence on having her star has led to some funding troubles, so Rodriguez has taken the whole show on the road looking for a better budget than the 80 million or so that Universal is willing to fund.

The aim is for the finished product to hit cinemas in 2010 but seeing as there's no final deal with a studio yet that's all a bit pie-in-the-sky so I guess expect it when you see it.

(I've tagged this post as "News" but it would be more accurately tagged as "Old News"; however, if you're as behind the times on it as I am it's hopefully still fresh reading.)

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