Friday, November 14, 2008

Child's Play Remake

I post this photo (a) because it is awesome and (b) it reminds me of how hilariously ludicrous the Child's Play movie franchise is. There's not a plot point in the first movie that isn't stupid, starting with the dangerous killer who just happens to know a life-transferring voodoo ritual, and moving on to a doll-peddling hobo and ending with a hideously protracted final showdown in which a mangled Chucky refuses to die.

I also post it because (c) franchise director Don Mancini is apparently in the process of remaking the original Child's Play. Mancini will be taking the original story and "pushing it further" and "making a very terrifying version" of the first film, which "is pretty scary as it is".

Mancini, who not only directed but also wrote for the first film, has gone on record as saying that all that voodoo business wasn't in his script, and was added by other, apparently less talented, hands. Mancini says he envisaged Chucky as being "the living embodiment of the kid's id", and no disembodied serial killers were involved at all. That's a lot cooler. That's a movie I'd like to see.

Anyone else cautiously cheerful about this idea?

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