Friday, November 14, 2008

PlayNC Support FTW

I've ended up getting an excellent response from PlayNC support which I'm highly satisfied with. Vastly better than my experiences with Blizzard customer service, and I'm now inclined to play whatever NCSoft serves up next.

Thus concludes my support experiment.


Jose said...

sounds to me like must work for them, both in game Gm, as well as the ones that you deal with outside of the game, are horrible, in my own experience that is, but everyone i play with or talk to agrees with me to some degree, i do play blizzard games as well, and they're support is slow, u can submit a problem and take up to 8 hours to talk to someone in-game but they're outside game support is fast, but non-informative, you could at least clarify as to what part is so good, so that more can know what you are talking about, im talking in general, not about something specific, maybe you are and the particular person that you got to help you was good at the job they were hired to do and the people that i got hated they're job, that is a great possibility, sorry about the long post, just had to vent i guess, 8-)

Cory said...

Been waiting almost three days just to get a password reset from them sent to my email associated with my account. Have had to provide them with every cd key for every game ever attached to my account. Credit card digits from the card used to create the account almost 5 years ago. Address, birth day, and countless other things, JUST to get my support request escalated to another support guy to help, at which point it has been 2 days and I have not heard a word.

Am not having good experiences like you with them unfortunately, and all I need is a password reset sent.