Friday, November 21, 2008

LFG Left 4 Dead

By the way, I have a copy of Left 4 Dead for the 360. I am committed to not playing this game until I can play it in co-op mode with people I know.

This requires people I know to own the game (and have a Live Gold account). If you've scored a copy, drop me a line (and your Gamertag, if I don't already have it) so we can hook up for some zombie-surviving fun.

EDIT: I'm posting this on my blog, so obviously I'm favouring a fairly generous definition of "people I know". If you're reading this and you're not obviously an incarcerated criminal you should probably take it to include you.


juffles said...

Dunno about you crazy '360 guys, but the PC version #$*&ING ROCKS.

(I thought we were promised cross-platform gaming when Vista was released? *snort* )

Greg Tannahill said...

Does the PC version have the "Games For Windows" tag? In which case you should have a Windows Live Gamertag and cross-platform play might be possible. My tag, naturally, is GregT_314.

Also I've just realised the 360 allegedly has four player local co-op so those of my friends who don't mind itty-bitty viewfields can play it with me in the comfort of my lounge room.

juffles said...

Nah, the PC version is distributed/run through Steam. But seriously...unless they've changed the levels or game design between platforms for some esoteric reason, surely you should have common server code.

Of course all the 360 players would get probably spanked by the mouse-wielding PC noobs, and we can't have THAT. :) *fighting words*