Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Climbing Games

The forgotten genre of "climbing games". I guess in 1982 pretty much everything was a platformer, a driving game or a shooter, so you could afford to discriminate based on which direction your character moved in. I personally was a big fan of vertically scrolling shooters but it's only with time that I've been won over to the horizontal variety.

Also, pardon my sudden abandonment of geek cred, but who's the character on the right supposed to be? I recognise Mario (or rather Jumpman) on the left and what may or may not be Donkey Kong at the top but the dude with the insect wings is a mystery to me.


Grant said...

It *might* be Crazy Climber, which was relatively successful about that time.

Greg Tannahill said...

That would explain the skyscraper but from what I can tell Crazy Climber was never featured wearing insect wings.

Anonymous said...

And who is the genie with an axe donkey kong is holding?

Greg Tannahill said...

I just took that as Peach / Daisy / Pauline - whichever of the various iterations of that character was supposed to be Jumpman's girlfriend in Donkey Kong, any differences being artistic licence.

I could be wrong though - maybe it's meant to reference another early 80s game that nobody remembers.