Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Revengers of Vengeance

While you're still laughing at the image, can I just say that I absolutely love these crappy print ads - I could blog them all year.

In case the text at the bottom's not clear, the warning in red reads: "Warning: Some scenes may be too intense for those who do not seek vengeance."

The genius of this ad sadly did not extend to the actual game. Revengers of Vengeance, released for the mostly unloved Sega-CD, is a lukewarm brawler-RPG hybrid that began life in Japan under the title Battle Fantasy. Players choose one of ten characters and then get down to the task of beating the snot out of the other nine.

As far as I can tell the title Revengers of Vengeance was chosen with absolute seriousness. Only the advertising company who did the print ad above seems to have discerned the inherent comedy gold.

The name of the armoured rhino in the middle of the picture, by the way, is "Psybart".


juffles said...

..."based on a true story"? Rightio then! :)

Greg Tannahill said...

A true story of vengeance... and those who revenged it!