Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dial M For MODEM

This appears to be the opening page in an article from the December 1982 issue of Electronic Fun Computers (or possibly the "Computers" section of Electronic Fun). The text reads:
Dial M For MODEM

You've uncrated your machine, mastered BASIC and taken over the family TV set. But what do you do once you've played all the games and tried your hand at a few elementary graphic designs? You get a modem. Then - with the help of your telephone - you're ready to tap into remote databases and shop at Saks, research the family tree, play new video games and find out what the weather's like in Tanzania - without leaving your easy chair. The fun of personal computing has just begun.
I long for this idyllic age of proto-computing in which it was possible to "play all the games", and in which the receiver of a standard personal telephonic device was an important component of your MOdulator-DEModulator.

I'm also amused by how the computer comes in a crate, and the hypothetical operator is suggested to have mastered the BASIC programming language before hooking the computer up to a screen. This is a literal depiction of early 80s computing and not at all narrative licence.

For those who are interested, I've drawn this from a Flickr pool of similarly archaic early 1980s computing posters. There are lols to be had from its inspection.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go tap into some remote databases. Possibly in Tanzania. Possibly.

EDIT: Actually, I have to give this article props for spelling modem entirely in lowercase. They were well ahead of the literary crowd at a time when most people were busy reminding you that MODEM is a (stupid-ass) acronym.

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