Friday, May 12, 2006

E3 Pick of Show

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I've been trawling my way through the E3 footage courtesy of the E3 Video Centre, and I've made my picks of a few games to look forward to over the coming year (or more). Or at least to find out more about. Sadly, almost all of these are sequels, clones of an existing successful game, or have no gameplay footage to let me know whether they're more than just flashy graphics. Sigh. Such is the industry. Anyway, in no particular order:

* Heavenly Sword - which it appears can be best described as "God of War with breasts".
* Haze - looks like it's either going to be horribly derivative, or actually quite interesting
* Spore - because, y'know, Will Wright
* Tabula Rasa - no gameplay footage, extended talk at GDC on why development was going horribly wrong, but... Richard Garriott is involved!
* Final Fantasy XIII - and I don't even have XII yet! Female protagonist, more techy feel than any installment since VI, gunblades, and lots of anime-esque action.
* Resistance: Fall of Man - Battlefield 1942 mass combat meets Half-Life 2 style bug hunt, with Havok physics, from the people who brought us Spyro the Dragon.
* Sadness - survival horror and parasols, using the Wii-mote, with a feel somewhat reminiscent of Eternal Darkness - potentially awesome!
* Marvel Alliance - in which Doctor Strange is a playable character - 'nuff said.
* Metal Gear Solid 4 - because any game that has Solid Snake has to be awesome. Which leads us to my pick of the show....

* Super Smash Bros Brawl - awesome trailer, huge returning cast, plus newcomers Metaknight, Kid Icarus, Zero Suit Samus, Wario, and a very very special guest star...

That right there is the game that will justify me purchasing any platform Nintendo chooses to release it on. It may even enable me to forgive them for their horrible, horrible console naming practices. Maybe. Here's still hoping E3 wraps up with Nintendo telling us "it was all a joke, guys".


Sim said...

I am so totally hanging out for Spore...
It's is the ultimate Sim game!

GregT said...

I probably should have also included Silent Hill 0rigins, because (a) a Silent Hill prequel is awesome, and (b) handheld PSP Silent Hill goodness is awesome.

Julia B said...

Yes, I saw the ad for Spore today and I am going to dig up my grandmother and sell her to purchase it's shiny goodness.

Sorry Grandma.

lesley said...

you have to watch Robin Williams play Spore. I sent you two the link and yes i know it says spawn, but ones mind was somewhere else.