Wednesday, May 17, 2006

PerplexCity - Free Cards For Bloggers!

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Did I tweak your interest a little while back when I blogged about something called PerplexCity? You know, that game where puzzle solving intersects with engaging narrative and real-life dramatic challenges? You may have use for the following news from Mind Candy (the creators of the game):

Got a blog? Then get free puzzle cards!
If you produce your own media somewhere in the world - like a blog, podcast, vlog, zine or radio show - and you're curious about Perplex City, we'd love to send you a complimentary pack of puzzle cards, plus some more information on the game. Simply email us at with your URL and postal address, and once we've checked your site we'll send out your schwag on the double!
If you're an existing Perplex City veteran, then don't forget to check out our free virtual puzzle cards, video competition, downloads or media page for digital goodies.

Free stuff, hurray. By the way, for those out there in game design who've never experienced an alternate reality game, I strongly suggest you check out the site even if you aren't buying cards - this game does so many things well (particularly community building and content progression) that videogaming can learn from. And, y'know, it's part of a medium that's even newer and less widely understood, so at the very least you can spit on them to raise your relative height on the totem pole.

PS: To those already playing, did you get your SMS last night and go nuts booking imaginary train tickets at 1.40 am Australian east coast time like I did? 8-)

PPS: As I write this, Perplexcity have added my original post to their review feed! Cheers, Mind Candy! Does this mean you're sending me cards?


Julia B said...

Ahhh! I thought that was a dream! I remember thinking I got an SMS from Perplex City, but I rolled over and went back to sleep. And now it's all over and I missed it :-( boo.

Duncan said...

You are a horrible person, who has condemned me to fill my head with puzzles and meta-story. I had managed to shrug and walk away the last time you posted on Perplex City. I thought it kind of neat, and time consuming, and moved on.

But the offers of free stuff was too much. So I took a look at the free virtual puzzle cards... and was hooked. Little puzzles and challenges are my weakness. My Kryptonite. I had to solve them, and I did. So I signed up, made my first points... and began exploring the story.

I'm doomed to become entranced by this game. I blame you, but in a good way, really. :-P

GregT said...

Success! Another victim! Thanks for stopping by, Duncan; without people like you, I couldn't disseminate my mad schemes into the malleable minds of the masses! 8-)

Sim said...

I just got my email telling me that I get cards for my Blog!

oh, and here...
Wave 4 virtual card.