Friday, May 19, 2006

Blogs of the Round Table

Corvus, over at his site Man Bytes Blog, has for some time been hosting a project called Blogs of the Round Table. It runs monthly. Corvus sets a (game-related) topic, and if you want to join in you blog on the topic and then notify Corvus of your post. Starting in April 2006, I climbed on board that crazy horse and started flogging it for all it was worth.

April 07 - Trinity
Topic: "Three Colours"

December 06 -March 07 - no entry
I was offline!

November 06 - The Citizen Kane of Games
Topic: "Where's Your Grammar?"

October 06 - Ghost Train
Topic: "This Time It's Fright Night... For Real"

September 06 - Game Design With Balls
Topic: "Conventionally Speaking"

August 06 - No entry
Topic: "Sports Coat, No Tie"

July 06 - The Dawn Of An Age
Topic: "It Was Great When It All Began"

June 06 - The Skull Beneath The Skin
Topic: "The Jolly Reaper"

May 06 - The Pigeon And The Seed
Topic: "Social Issues And Games"

April 06 - With Friends Like These
Topic: "Your Friendship Is A Game To Me"

Visit the homepage of the Round Table! (link)

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