Friday, May 05, 2006

Roll Up, Roll Up

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My post Fear the Message, Not the Medium is featured in the May Carnival of Gamers. Thanks to Buttonmashing for hosting the festivities.

If you're new to the site, The Dust Forms Words is a blog about film, TV, books, comics, tabletop gaming, and a LOT of computer gaming and game design. My name's Greg and I'm based in Canberra, Australia, and I command a host of trained killer monkeys which I'm not shy about deploying against those who balk my insane schemes.

Casual reader, long time fan, or new arrival, it'd be great if you'd leave a comment under this post or somewhere else on the site so I can see who's passing through! I don't bite (though I make no promises for my monkeys).


statistical_blip said...

Put me down as a "casual reader".


GregT said...

Woot! Hello there. Don't worry, you'll graduate to "longtime fan" before you know it!

Sim said...

RSSed for about a week now.

Andrew said...

Just stopped in by way of the carnival, and I figured I'd stop in on my way. Looks like a good site you have here.

Anonymous said...

I see no blog of Saturday.
Saturday shall cause an armageddon of drunken gaming and flesh eating doom!!!
Chris shall suffer!!!!

GregT said...

What are you doing posting all the way down in THIS post, Edward? If you're going to post off topic, at least do it in the most recent couple of posts so I don't have to go trawling to find it! (Blogger notifies me of comments but doesn't tell me where they've been posted.)