Friday, May 26, 2006

Metroid Prime Hunters Friend Code

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I've unpacked my copy of Metroid Prime: Hunters. I'm enjoying the control scheme in principle, but it's a little hand-crampy; I've tried Corvus' "strap the stylus to your thumb" thing but it doesn't work for me. Also, although I admittedly haven't played much of the single-player game yet, I suck in deathmatch. Everyone I meet uses me as their punching bag.

Metroid Prime Hunters Friend Code: 3651 4360 7836 (Name: Greg T)

Don't make me trawl your blogs - leave your codes in the comments on this post!


Corvus said...


C'est moi! Check your PMs on the PJ's Attic board for my IM info.

GregT said...

The activation email for the board will have gone to my work email address - which I won't see till Monday! ... and I'm a little short on instant messenger software (and trust for said software after ICQ screwed a PC I had a few years back).

kiyote23 said...

Howdy, Greg! Kiyote23 here.


My AIM is Kiyote23, and my email is I'll be in and out all this weekend, more available on Saturday. I'm on GMT -6, so I'm still trying to calculate when I'll see you. . .

GregT said...

Kiyote, can you check that code? My Hunters is telling me it's invalid.

If you're available at Saturday at, say, 8 pm, that should translate to Sunday noon for me... how does that sound? (Subject to the friend code working!)