Thursday, May 04, 2006

Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound?

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No, there's nothing wrong with posting twice in one day.

Bridging the gap between the part of my audience that likes games, and the part of my audience that likes comics, I draw your attention to the news that D3 Publisher of America (D3PA) has obtained the rights to make games based on 100 Bullets.

D3PA, known for making absolutely nothing of significant merit, have signed with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to become the developer for console, handheld, and PC titles based on the title. 100 Bullets is the brainchild of hit-and-miss (but always refreshingly unique) writer Brian Azzarello (also known for his controversial run on Hellblazer). It follows the crime-life tales of a selection of individuals who are offered a magic gun and 100 untraceable bullets with which to set their life to rights.

While I'm all for the continued stripmining of all that's good about non-superhero comics, I'd nevertheless like to pre-emptively tag any game based on this licence as a nun-punching puppy-kicking roadwreck, for the following reasons:

a) licenced games have a long tradition of being bollocks, Spider-Man 2 and DefJam: Fight for NY notwithstanding
b) the visual style of 100 Bullets is not in any way conducive to a game treatment
c) D3pA looks a little like a scrub outfit, and there's no evidence to convince me they have the slightest clue how to bring out the magic in the material
d) the sole thing that makes 100 Bullets work is the characterisation and emotional content of the stories, and, frankly, that's not something that even the best developers have had a lot of success with in games

On the off-chance that anyone from D3PA finds my blog, I welcome them to tell me why I'm wrong. Or, y'know, other people could argue with me too.

EDIT: D'oh! Totally forgot to say that the source of my news is Gamasutra, and direct you to their coverage of this story. You should go there and read stuff. No, really.


That guy said...

Magic gun, 100 untraceable bullets. It may make for a good comic but how could you turn that into a coherent plot for a game. On the other hand, plot shmot I wants me some head shooting action.

GregT said...

Thanks for the comment, anonymous guy! See, how do you even DO a 100 bullets game? Is it a FPS where you can only fire a total of 100 rounds of ammo? Is it a roleplaying game.... with 100 rounds of ammo? Is it some sort of Puzzle-Bobble-esque crazy game with no real connection to the licence (cos that would be awesome)?