Monday, May 01, 2006

Yet Another World

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By the way, if you are shamelessly ignorant and never played the 16-bit classic Another World*, or alternatively if you gave it the recognition it deserved by declaring it your religion on the last national census, then you'll doubtless be pleased to know that you can get a new high-resolution version of it, compatible with modern operating systems, by going to this website. (You will, unfortunately, need to pay money, but what value does money have when compared to funky laser guns and a big white giant?)

I'll give you a mild Dust Forms Words spoiler by letting you know that this game will appear on my list of Games You Should Have Played when I reach the relevant year. You can improve your self-worth and social status by getting the masterpiece under your belt before I belittle you for not having played it.

*This is the game known as Out of this World in America, the Land of Really Bad Alternative Game Titles (TM).

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