Monday, June 19, 2006

Bad Romance Novel Plots #1


Steel-Hard Love

When spunky farmer’s daughter Laura had half her body replaced with titanium, she thought her days of love were over.

But she hadn’t counted on the prehistoric charm of Thog. Transported from the distant past by the Goddess of Love to save mankind’s future, this insufferable yet strangely magnetic caveman may have what it takes to make steel flesh feel again.

On the run from the time-travelling detectives of Scotland Yard and their own forbidden desires, will Laura and Thog find true love at last in the harsh streets of tomorrow’s flying cities?


This is one of a number of "really bad romance novel back covers" I worked up a while back in response to a challenge from Julia. Unless I am stopped, there will be more - oh yes, there will be more. Post your own!

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