Sunday, June 04, 2006

Conflux - Panels Ahoy!

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Alright, all you Conflux-goers. The full draft program including session times and panellists is now available here, just in time for the con next weekend. Congratulations to those involved in the programming for more or less successfully juggling such a huge list of events - very impressive job, guys and/or gals!

As of this writing, here's the panels that you can see me at.

Adaptation: The Optioning and Filming Process (Friday 4 pm)
Chair: Dean Toovey
Panellists: Jonathan Hardy, Sean McMullen, Mal Cumpston, Greg Tannahill, Kaaron Warren
Conflux says: "The last couple of years have seen a number of local writers' work optioned by filmmakers. Our panel talks about the process: what attracts a director to a story, what a story will gain from being filmed and what it may have to sacrifice, and the business of film options. "
I say: I'll be backing up Mal and Dean from Inventive on this panel. Sean is obviously the author of the fantastic Ice Keeper and Voice of Steel which have been optioned for development with Inventive. Kaaron's the author of the highly recommended short story collection The Grinding House - I wasn't aware she'd been optioned for something, it'll be great to hear her story. I have to confess as to having a blank as to who Jonathan Hardy is - surely we're not talking about Jonathan "voice of Rygel from Farscape" Hardy?
UPDATE: I understand it is, indeed, that Jonathan Hardy. Fantastic. I have to quickly scare up something Farscapy to get signed, and then work out how to pretend I'm relevant on this panel.

Inventive Entertainment: The Big Push (Saturday 3 pm)
Panellists: Dean Toovey, Mal Cumpston, Sean McMullen, Greg Tannahill
Conflux says: "From the local company developing the TV series Silicon Spies, the executive directors of Inventive Entertainment will present a sneak preview of the short film work in progress, some publicity clips, international trailers and a short insight into the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) brining Canberra, Australia 2079 to a screen near you."
I say: Between Dean and Mal doing their Silicon Spies bit, and Sean (who always has something worthwhile to say), I don't expect to be doing much talking on this one. I'll practice smiling and looking pretty.

Discworld Fandom (Sunday 10 am)
Panellists: Zara Baxter, Greg Tannahill, Justin Ackroyd, John Robertson
Conflux says: "Who is a Discworld fan? Well, probably, you are. Many groups have grown up around the genre celebrating different aspects of Discworldiness. Join us as we take a peak behind the closed doors of the Guildhouses to examine where we came from, where we're going, and what we'll find when we get there."
I say: As fantastic as it would be to do a panel with Justin, John, and the always delightful Zara, I haven't read a Discworld book in four years and I didn't put my hand up for this panel, so I've politely requested to step down. Probably by the time of the final programme I'll be gone from this session. Besides, 10 am the morning after my birthday is a bit unattractive...

Doctor Who: An Enduring Legend (Monday 11 am)
Chair: David Green
Panellists: Greg Tannahill, Chris Rattray
Conflux says: "What makes Doctor Who so popular? How can fans watch episodes over and over? Is there anything new that can be done with the Who world and character(s)? Panellists reflect on the show's enduring popularity and the elements that have made it great."
I say: I've Googled both of the fellows I'm on the panel with. You can too!

Villains, Supervillains, and Heroes, Oh My! (Monday 2 pm)
Chair: Greg Tannahill
Panellists: Dan Abnett, Jason Rand
Conflux says: "Can we have heroes without villains? Can we have superheroes without supervillains? What is the role of the villain in comics? How have they evolved? How deep is the dependency between antagonist and protagonist? Are they two sides of the same coin? Or are they opposing archetypes, destined never to find peace together?"
I say: Dan Abnett is the creator of Hairbutt the Hippo. Jason Rand is the creator of Small Gods. I'm a guy with a really big collection of Golden and Silver Age comics. If Dan and Jason are feeling energetic you won't hear much out of me, but just in case I'll bring along the complete list of Ant-Man/Giant-Man supervillains for comic relief, including quotes such as, "Ah, the porcupine - nature's ultimate fighting machine!" I take no responsibility for the camp title of the panel.

If you aren't a member yet, it's not too late to pay up. Don't miss out on the chance to see me attempting to entertain crowds!


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Sean (who always has something worthwhile to say),

Sean always has something to say, anyway.

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Ooh, I need a good dose of random sniping! I hear from Ben Peek it boosts traffic no end! 8-)