Thursday, June 15, 2006

Insert Eye-Related Pun Here

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Quick news: Went to an optometrist this morning to see if maybe what has been causing my headaches is an eye problem. Apparently not; not only do I not need corrective lenses, but the optometrist described my vision as "superhuman". I'll be engaging in tests to see if this is actually true, and to discover whether or not I can fire lasers from my retina. Plus the optometrists were total sci-fi geeks, so good news all round.

So... uh... and I think there's a game design related lesson in that for all of us. Yep. Certainly not off topic.


statistical_blip said...

Do you have super hearing too? How do you go with the new ring-tone that only teenagers are supposed to be able to hear (I've lost the link, but I'm sure it'll come up if you search for "teen ring tone"). I can hear it myself, but it is very quiet and very irritating.

GregT said...

I haven't tried it and my work computer is sans-sound, so I may pass it by. My hearing right now this moment is a little weak 'cos I have a flu, but normally it's at the average to slightly above average level. Good enough to not have to get out of my couch to turn the TV up, bad enough to be able to ignore someone shouting at me from the next room. Just where I like it.

Anonymous said...

Can you see what I am doing right now, mortal.

GregT said...

Yes, and it's disgusting. Stop it.