Thursday, June 29, 2006

Upcoming Carnival of Gamers

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The next Carnival of Gamers is coming up on July 6 (next Thursday), and this time around it's being hosted by Ron "Monkey Island" Gilbert, over at Grumpy Gamer. Once again, I'll be submitting a post, and hopefully, unlike last time, my submission will actually appear in the Carnival.

Basically, the idea is that I pick one of my posts from the last month and submit it; it's then included in basically a list of posts from blogs around the web that forms a quick tour of the game-blog world for that month. I want a post that:
a) strongly relates to computer gaming or game design,
b) was posted within the month leading up to 6 July,
c) is memorable and worth reading, and
d) would encourage new visitors to read more of my blog and return on future occasions.

I thought I'd throw the floor open to you, my readers. What post do YOU think I should submit? What do you think is the best of the last month at The Dust Forms Words?


Duncan said...

My vote is with either "The Devil in The Detail" or the Loom Post Mortem. Both were great posts, and well worth reading.

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GregT said...

Thanks, Duncan. I'm inclined to rule out the Loom Post Mortem, because submitting a gushing review of a game to a carnival run by one of its creators is all a little too fanboi for my tastes. Glad you enjoyed them both, though!

Martin said...

I quite like the Harmony of Dissonance post-mortem. It shows that you're not afraid to admit you haven't played a frugging Castlevania game since the 80s. Plus it's quite good.