Monday, June 19, 2006

Sidebar Updates

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The following pictures taken at Conflux come thanks to Japester. More pics here.

Okay, I chatted to a bunch of Perth people at Conflux and expressed an intention to add their web presences to my sidebar in a horrible nepotistic link-fest. So the following is the list of people I've found and added under "Blogs of Note", and the people I'm hunting down if they currently have a web presence.

Wanted: Kandace (left), Rick (right)

Added: James as "ascetic_hedony" from the blog "Minimalist Hedonism"

Added: April (in the red) as "Alkland", Kaneda (in the white) as "Kae-dash" Wanted: Magical Trevor (bottom of frame)

Added: John (right) as "Harveystoat" Wanted: Jo (left)

Added: Lisa (center of frame) as "Moonbug" at the blog "One Planet At A Time...". That blog seemed to be shrouded in a veil of secrecy so I'm glad to have received permission to make it known to the world at large. By the way, I'm pretty sure that's a certain Battersby person to the right of frame, and to the left of frame is another individual who shall remain nameless because she lives in the same house as me and will punch me if I name her on my blog. 8-)

Mel ("Melelel") and Paul ("Arkem") get links too but I don't have pictures of them. Paul doesn't seem to update a lot anyway (either that or it's all friends locked) so the link's really just for interest.

Also I've added a link to the wonderful Ms Juanita of Perth fame, seeing as you can't visit anyone's LJ these days without seeing her musings plastered across their friends page. If I can't avoid the steamtrain, I may as well board it, kill the driver, and take this thing to Mexico.

As always, if you'd prefer to NOT have your name associated with your blog on my page, leave a comment or email me and I'll make the magic happen.


Anonymous said...

I've responded to your post in my LJ - ascetic_hedony

Juffles said...

It's always wierd when you're perusing a post from someone who normally writes interesting stuff about game design, and a pic of one of your housemates stares out at you. Hi James! :p

GregT said...

Thus the circle of life goes on. 8-) Besides, Australia's a small country, it can't have more than, what, a couple of hundred people in it? You're bound to keep running into your housemates in interesting places.

moonbug said...

Heya GregT you have some great pictures of the con up. Feel free to link to this blog :) And thank you for asking permission to link.

GregT said...

Pictures are all thanks to Japester. I'm just using the good old five-fingered discount to appropriate... er... publicise them. Linkiness will be added now.

Stu said...

Don't think the magical T-man has a blog, dude - or, if he has, he keeps it secret. :)

GregT said...

I'm very tempted to start one for him, and just fill it with stuff that I make up about what he's been doing. A good rumour is twice as good as a bad fact, and I've got plenty of good rumours about Magical Trevor.