Sunday, June 04, 2006

Con Guest Bounty Hunt


Alright, I've been horribly, horribly lazy and have not prepared the things I was intending to acquire from the internet prior to Conflux. I now require the following items, and I will pay some sort of reasonable premium to get my hands on them.

1 x Munchkin T-Shirt, new, that will remotely fit me (probably size large for a regular fit or XL for a loose fit), to be signed by Steve Jackson for the purpose of use during games of Munchkin

1 x Farscape somethingorother to be signed by Jonathan Hardy - all I have at the moment is DVD boxes, so some sort of a photo or something would rock.

These items are required prior to the this Friday night; I'd be happy to take them off people at the con itself. My Plan B, if I do not get these things, will be asking Steve to sign the Munchkin box and the "Bribe the GM" card, and getting Jonathan to sign the actual surface of the first Farscape DVD.

I'd also love something relevant for Andy Chambers to sign, but seeing as his current project for Blizzard is still top secret that pretty much limits it to things related to the Game of Thrones miniatures game (I just can't get excited about Warhammer 40K or Starship Troopers). Anyone got a Song Of Ice And Fire-art poster or something that he can scrawl on?

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Julia B said...

Andy Chambers is so cute. And he's a nerd. I swoon. *happy sigh*

Come to think of it, I think that's why Ben's coming to Conflux... :-)