Monday, June 05, 2006

Just Deserts

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Good things come to those who... er... turn their blogs into surrogate corporate advertising! A while back I posted this and this. Gears have turned, and so forth, and as a happy result those fantastic folks at Perplex City have now graced me with the following email:
Hi Greg,
Thanks so much for your kind words about Perplex City. This Monday, we'll finally be sending you some puzzle cards as a token of our appreciation!
Best regards and happy puzzling,
Perplex City Customer Services
Awesome! Free puzzly goodness! ... and yes, that IS the correct spelling of just deserts - don't get me started.

UPDATE: Also, if you're still not sure whether you want to play Perplex City, or just want to try out some of the cooler ARG stuff of the game on your schedule, not theirs, they've just added a puzzle-style walkthrough to bring you up to date, demonstrating some of the techniques you'll need to solve the larger puzzles of the plot. Completely free, rather short (about three or four solves needed to finish it) and not at all hard.


statistical_blip said...

Reasonably neat. Interesting to see that possible clues even come up on Google Earth. Of course, I've got no idea where it fits in to anything.

GregT said...

I finished the walkthrough and at no time did I need to go anywhere near Google Earth... where were you going?

statistical_blip said...

Nowhere. I just decided to look up Perplex City in Google Earth after the walkthrough. That was before I had looked it up in Google and realised how much stuff is out there. The Google Earth hit was not a real clue after all, I think - or at least not a specific clue.

GregT said...

Oh, now I get it. Understood.