Monday, June 05, 2006

Conflux And The Grandfather Paradox


I've just noticed that apparently the Conflux panel "Adaptation: The Optioning and Filmmaking Processs" (which I am on) is being run entirely for the benefit of all those people who couldn't attend the EXACT SAME IDENTICAL PANEL three hours earlier, under the name "Dealing With Adaptation", in the same room, with all the same panellists, except that the role of Greg will be played by Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games.

Be sure to take in the staggering implications. You can see what the exact same discussion would be like, with and without me. It's for all intents and purposes time travel, people! You get to see through the mirror darkly at a scary alternate universe in which I created GURPS.

Oh, and I think that Kaaron Warren is also missing from the alternate panel. Perhaps Steve killed and ate her; who knows? I know inventing GURPS would drive me to cannibalism. I have the odd feeling that my life is turning into a Charlie Kaufman movie.

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