Thursday, June 15, 2006

Superman Returns Print Ad

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You're almost certainly aware of Superman. You're probably aware of the upcoming movie, Superman Returns. You have a good chance of being aware of or at least guessing at the existence of a forthcoming computer game of the movie of the comic.

What's interesting is the advertising. My copy of the DC comic 52 Week 5 came with a full page print ad for the game on the back cover. No surprises there; half of every comic these days is plastered with ads for bad console games. What's surprising is the tack the ad took.

In the centre of the ad are a few fairly tiny screenshots of the game. And around the outside of the ad are, get this, interviews with the developers. We get the standard excited blurb about how awesome the game is... and then we launch right into quoting one of the developers on exactly how they set about making a control scheme for Superman's flight powers that doesn't suck. They talk about the challenges of accurately modelling the massive landscape of Metropolis, and making it big enough to be interesting without being bewildering. They talk about pacing out boss fights with shorter "save the civilian" missions and mixing the big and small scale objectives. They, in short, make an honest attempt to sell you on the game design, rather than the flashy graphics or the licence title. And all this in a game coming out of Electronic Arts!

I think I may have a heart attack. By the way, it would be totally awesome if anyone out there can provide me with a digital image of the ad in question; I'm scanner-deprived and I can't find it on the web.


That guy said...

Baahhh... the game will be crap. All the proof you need is to look at Ultimate Spider-man.

AJ said...

I think it's a little unfair to dismiss a game just because other comic/movie inspired games were bad, mysterious person. I think trying to sell the game on the content is something to be encouraged.

How do they make Supes fly without sucking?

GregT said...

I don't care whether the game's good or not, my point is that they're actually using an advertising campaign that doesn't insult my intelligence as a gamer.

Anywho, to answer your question, AJ, the ad has this to say:
"The hardest thing with flight in a 3D environment is to make it easy to learn and realistic at the same time," Wilson says. "Gamers can be so skeptical, but I understand - I used to be those guys. That's what motivates us: to prove to the world that we can pull it off."

So short on details, but at least they have the right mindset.