Friday, June 02, 2006

News & So Forth

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A few quick tibits of news I promised people:

* A certain Ms Margaret Levingston, aka Wuffie, will be in Canberra for three weeks commencing on Wednesday June 7. That period will include Conflux 06, which she will be attending. If you know people who'd be interested by that news who don't read my blog, Margie asks you in the name of sweet zombie Jeebers to let them know. I can discretely provide her contact details if needed.

* Still no news on exactly what I'm doing at Conflux, although it seems likely that I'm recruiting at the Hall of Game. That would mainly involve bugging people when it's their turn at Robo Rally to go and investigate the nearby wonderful science fiction convention - only a short bus ride from Rydges. I've been promised I'm on at least one panel; I suspect it's something TV related with Inventive but I might get lucky and be ranting on Doctor Who, comics, or game design. (See my post on Conflux here.)

* Claire and Chris got safely married; none of this "being single and having fun" for them, no sir. It was a good ceremony, as far as such things are possible, and Claire revealed that she can actually sing rather well, thank you very much. They're at some kind of honeymoon destination as I type, and I'm a little unclear on when they're getting back, but in any case thanks to my wedding present they're now well equipped with a set of Nintendo DS...s... or whatever the plural of "DS" is. Huzzah.

* My birthday is Saturday 10 June, upon which I'll be turning 26 (if my maths are correct). Yes, that's the Saturday of Conflux. The current plan is to see if I can entice enough interstate people to some bar or something to have a meaningful party at Conflux, and then also have a gathering at my house the weekend following for all those people too crippled and malnourished to attend the convention. Suggestions to the contrary welcome.

* I officially designate the Canberra June long weekend as the "Pacman's Birthday Long Weekend". If some broad in a golden hat in England can have a birthday in different places based on geographic locale, then I think the crown prince of gaming certainly can too. For the record, Pacman will ALSO be turning 26, and will be having his birthday at the same place and time as mine. If you wish to buy Pacman a present please forward it to me and I'll see that he gets it. As far as gifts, power pellets are in, socks are out. Also he warns you not to buy CDs labelled "2-Pac" as they are NOT a sequel.


Stu said...

1. You're on one more panel than I am, then. :)

2. I didn't know the Saturday was your birthday! I'm supposed to be organising a pub crawl!

GregT said...

I might just come along on that, or something.