Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LFG, 40-Man Raid On Zerg Overmind

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In the well hallowed journalistic tradition of sandwiching other people's press releases between thin slices of personal opinion (thanks Corvus!), I present the following news of doubtful reliability. It comes to me through Raph Koster's link to F13's understanding of a conference delivered to Wall Street by Blizzard's parent company, so the Chinese whispers may at this point be growing a little attenuated, BUT:
Says Vivendi: All Blizzard Franchises Will Become MMOGs.
That's really all I have. World of Starcraft, World of Diablo...craft... World of LostVikingCraft? Oh, and also, apparently Blizzard have actually realised that there may be a MMOG market who likes their sessions of continuous gaming maxing out at under two hours. Too late for WoW, not too late to make a Starcraft MMOG that doesn't suck.

Read F13's post-thingy here.

UPDATE: Lies, all lies. Wow, who knew that bloggers on the internet could report things which weren't completely true? I'm so disillusioned. (See something closer to the truth here.)

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