Friday, September 01, 2006

Bad Movie Thursdays

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Canberra movie watchers, take note!

After the roaring success of last week's viewing of Snakes on a Plane, and this week's expedition to Silent Hill, I'm declaring Bad Movie Thursday to be a regular event. Tickets will be between $8.50 and $11 if you RSVP with me in advance (depending on where we're sourcing them from). All movies will be Thursday evening at Belconnen Hoyts, times to be advised Wednesday. If you don't hear a time from me, feel free to ring me to get one. Invitations are open to anyone who knows me in person, or gets someone who does to guest them.

Obviously I'm going away at the end of the month and I want to see Nacho Libre, so in all likelihood there'll be a special Bad Movie Monday, which may well consist of just me.

The proposed movies until I leave would be:

7 September (Thursday): Lady In The Water
14 September (Thursday): Dead or Alive
18 September (Monday): Nacho Libre

If people wanted to continue the tradition, it might look a little something like this:

21 September (Thursday): Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
28 September (Thursday): Either Step Up or Beerfest
5 October (Thursday): Pulse (I'll be back in Canberra by then)
12 October (Thursday): Dead Man's Shoes (I'm not yet sure if this counts as a bad movie)

Do I hear expressions of enthusiasm?


Jey said...

Can you post a few sentences about what each of those flicks listed are about (I'm lazy). Just copy from a site or something, I won't mind.

GregT said...

Lady In The Water - Latest fairytale from M Knight Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, The Village). Billed as a horror movie, but it's not one. Mermaids and wolves, oh my.

Dead or Alive - Based on the popular videogame, it's basically a lot of hot women doing improbable martial arts. Think Charlie's Angels meets a movie even worse than Charlie's Angels (if you're capable of that).

Nacho Libre - Jack Black as a monk turned Mexican wrestler. If Rey Mysterio had been a member of Tenacious D you'd have something a little like this.

Talladega Nights - Will Ferrell as a redneck sportscar driver. It's a comedy. There are cougars.

Step Up - Ballet meets Bring It On. I think.

Beerfest - From the people who did Super Troopers, a film about a secret German beer Olympics.

Pulse - The dead have cellphones - and they're angry! Veronica Mars fights Japanese zombies.

Dead Man's Shoes - Ensemble cast crime film in the style of Lock Stock featuring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Josh Hartnett.

Does that help?

Jey said...

fanks :D

Josh said...

Heh, we've got a social maillist named "Fridays" because we got into such a habit of going out on Fridays after work and usually drink and see a bad flick.

Then The Girl threatened to stop talking to me ;)

Reel Fanatic said...

Having seen Nacho Libre and laughed from start to finish, just wanted to say the only "bad" thing about it is Mr. Black's accent, which they explain away as half Mexican, half Scandinavian ... It was easily one of my favorite movies from this summer

GregT said...

Josh - I'm currently "Girl" deprived, but in any case it would be a sad thing indeed to be deprived of sub-par cinema.

Reel Fanatic - Good to hear Nacho Libre has some quality to it. Still, it's able to pass itself as the sort of movie we could base a Bad Movie Thursday around. Good excuse to go see it. Also, stop by the blog more often and, y'know, comment lots!

Jey said...

I'm currently "Girl" deprived"

You are?

GregT said...

As in "single"? Yes.

My, if this isn't off-topic. Weren't we talking film?

Jey said...

Maybe I'm making a film about your life

Jey said...

Shall you be doing the free taxi thing from your house again this THursday?
I have intentions of coming if I'm not horribly depressed.

GregT said...

If you're at my house when you're leave, you're welcome to join in whatever transport I use to get there, which will likely be either a taxi or someone's car.

I'm not expecting a huge group for this week, so I'm happy as long as I get at least one person to make it social.

Jey said...

well it sounds like Andy and I will be there, I'll text you tonight to confirm