Monday, September 18, 2006

Births & Deaths (Sidebar Update)

[Site News]

Immediately after posting this I'm about to make the following changes to the blogroll on my sidebar. Here goes:

* Andy's site The Gaming Hobo has been giving me linkage for ages, plus it's a good read, so it's joining the sidebar.
* I also might start reading The Curmudgeon Gamer a little more often, so up it goes.
* Jess Rodgers has a new address for her blog - you can find it here.
* Adding Lisa Green's LiveJournal account on vegan stuff.
* Adding Dave Cake's LiveJournal account.
Web Comics & Stuff
* Three cheers for Grant's new ongoing comic, Executive Bunnies.

* Martin at Megaderived has recently announced his retirement as a hardcore gamer, which is sad, because I'll miss his deranged rantings. Many a cold night his unfocused anger has warmed my heart.
* Grant has closed down The Angriest, his Blogger account, but his opinions can still be heard over at LiveJournal.

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