Friday, September 01, 2006

LonelyGirl 15

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Via Wonderland.

Is random YouTube user LonelyGirl 15 more than she seems? Is she, in fact, the entry point for a new Alternate Reality Game (ARG)? Why does a 16 year-old homeschooled girl with religiously strict parents have a framed Aleister Crowley print? Is the lighting in her video blog too professional? Why does the registration of her fansite predate her first video by months? Plus, she's cute.

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Phrancq said...

Okay. I don't see how whis is an Alternate Reality Game. Some kind of attempt at a blog teen soap opera, maybe.

It's not her video blog, that's for sure.

Jey said...

ahhh but is she emo?

Julia B said...

Ok, that's some weird stuff right there.

Sim said...

could be guerilla advertising for a TV show... They have done it before.

GregT said...

The question is: if it's fake, then who is benefiting? Right now there's no banner ads, no product placement, no income stream of any sort.

So it might be viral marketing of some sort. *shrug*