Friday, September 01, 2006


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That's me. Just in case anyone out there thought that a person capable of such sexy prose must also be an Adonis among men. Now you know better.

Which is my way of saying, I bought a new phone handset and it has a built-in camera.

On the topic of photogenic people, this month's GQ Australia has an article on Conflux 06, featuring interviews with April and Lisa and a photo of April. It's full of made up things that weren't actually said, so you should buy it and read their entertaining lies, or somesuch. It has Megan Gale on the cover, in a swimsuit, which would ordinarily be a warning sign of something not to buy, but this is a special occasion.

Also, I'm much disappointed with my new LCD television as the promised picture-in-picture mode is not performing to specification. It's supposed to be able to display an image from the component RGB or HDMI inputs in the large picture, with an AV or TV input in the small picture. The purpose was to have a DVD playing on the big screen with a very small SoulCalibur or somesuch running for the dull bits. And indeed, it seems capable of doing this, displaying the component input big and the AV input small, but only if there are not actually any component cables plugged into the screen. The moment I plug in a component cable from the DVD, my PiP vanishes.

Any suggestions?


Jey said...

gah! big Greg face!

bugger about the tv
I'll assume you checked the manual?

GregT said...

The manual has clearly been spottily translated from some other language, and does not even contain a "troubleshooting" section.

I'm hoping some brave audio-visual pioneer is going to come forward and solve my problem, but failing that I'm not above a quick call to the manufacturer's Australian offices.

Phrancq said...

Perhaps there's troubleshooting on their website.